Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Whooops! + Netflix Junk Food

I vlogged yesterday but forgot to post the link here!  So here ya go:  

I had all sorts of blog ideas that I could have done today but they were all a bit ambitious.  Today is a day for the opposite of that.  What I really feel like doing is snuggling up in bed and watching a crap ton of half-bad sitcoms on Netflix.  I know that Netflix offers some good programming too, like 30 Rock for instance - one of my all time favorite shows.  But sometimes ya just need good ole kitchy campy fun.  
Here are my top three go to shows, available in the US for streaming that qualify as good bad TV:
This show is Scrubs + Monk + the Mentalist + Pineapples (super fans, there's a pineapple hidden in every episode) - any sort of semblance of crime reality.  It's worth watching just for the one liners alone.
Drop Dead Diva
A bubbly, blond, wanna-be game show model dies and returns to this planet in a plus sized no muss no fuss lawyers body.  It's like Legally Blond meets Law and Order.
Quantum Leap
Yay 80's!  This show is about a time traveler who has to jump back in history to correct events that went wrong.  Like any good time traveler (cough *Dr Who* cough) he has an assistant and faulty, cheesy looking technology that helps him along during his adventures.

I have other streaming binges I go on as well like the documentaries, the amazing "I shouldn't be alive" or "I married a murdererder" reenactment shows (there's some crazy ones there!) and all my British goodness; Downton Abbey, Dr Who, Torchwood, Stephen Fry in a America, etc.  But I'm always on the hunt for more cheesy sitcoms.  They're like junk food, you don't indulge for the nutritional value, you shove as much of it in your face as your maw can handle.

What are your favorite things to stream on Netflix?


  1. A British program you should definitely check out is Merlin. Not many people really talk about it but it's the only show which I've ever cried at so it must be good! :D xx

  2. i loveeeee a show called pushing daises its a crime show and the main character is a pie maker thats all i will say.....

    1. I remember that show. I loved it! I wish it was still on.

  3. I watched Quantum Leap all of the time when I was a kid! lol! Lately, I've been watching Touch. It's the only grown up show I have time for. The rest of the time we're usually streaming Fresh Beat Band, Caillou, and My Little Pony.

  4. UGH! I'm always caught up in "My Strange Addiction" and I hate to admit it but I got sucked into "Toddlers and Tiaras" pretty much just to shake my head and roll my eyes at the crazies. Of course there is always Glee and the Office and when I have about 3 weeks to devote to a brand new box of tissues I get caught up on the 3 seasons of Grey's I've been missing so so much. Good bad tv beats workout dvds any day muahaha!

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