Monday, January 7, 2013

Disturbing, isn't it? Digestive Debauchery - *Day 6*

Today, around noon I realized that Scarlet and I were going to have the house to ourselves until about 7pm.  It's so so so rare that I'm ever in this house by myself.  I stopped in my tracks and a Grinch like smile slowly spread across my face as I tried to think of all the wild ways we could spend our unsupervised afternoon.   What kinds of trouble could the Beeble and I get into that would be left unappreciated by Daddy and Nana?  Oh, Oh!  I know!  Loud Disney sing alongs and old man food!  Weeeeeeee! I was giddy at the thought.  Yep, when left to my own devices, my idea of a thrill is to eat like an old kermudgen.  A bit wild eyed, I scooped Scarlet up and danced my way to the kitchen.  On the old man menu?  An entire head of green cabbage sauteed with garlic and smoked sausage.  I call it "Ohmigerd".

Makes ya feel a uncomfortable just looking at it right?  Oh yea, I live on the edge.   Heeh!  I was so pleased with myself.  I feel like this is the kind of food Statler and Waldorf would eat.  Ryan would hate this meal. The thrill was high.  As it steamed and bubbled on the stove and the entire house began to smell like cabbage (bonus sexy points), I blasted this video through the whole house and and sang along.  Let me tell you, not a tune was carried, except maybe wolf crying at the moon part, feel like I nailed that.
Whaddaya expect though?  I'm not going to twitter like a delicate princess when I'm eating like a long haul trucker.  If you haven't seen this video - it's a must watch!  The girl in it was only 15 at the time and made it entirely by herself.

I capped my meal with an oversized wine glass full of unsweetened cranberry juice (perfect right?) and filled my belly.   There was a brief moment where I tried to figure out how I could roast my entire brussel sprout stock and then nom on it like Fred Flintstone but decided to save something for my next wild night of digestive debauchery.  
Yesssss, blood red cranberry juice, butcher knife post it's leafy green kill and a disturbing sausage.  While this meal would have put my husband off, I think I did Statler, Waldorf and Hitchcock proud.  ;) 

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  1. I said it on you FB page, but i'll say it again...that looks yummy! Maybe some sauerkraut or pirogi next time???? If i'm ever on the west coastish I MUST come eat this with you. I'll bring the beano or the febreeze ;)