Thursday, January 17, 2013

Lost in translation - *Day 14*

This morning I looked out the window while holding Scarlet in my arms and said "Wow it's really foggy today."  It's been an hour since I said that and Scarlet remains perched at the window, determined to see the 'froggies'.

"Nu-nu  you see him?  Whey fwoggie go?  See you soon fwoggie.  Whey is he fwoggie? hop hop, wibbit.  I see him pwease?  Fwooogggiiee, whey ahwe youuuuuuu?"

Nu-nu is Lulu, my moms dog.  She's also on high alert for the fwoggies.  I was trying to think of an outing we could take today, 'spose we'll go to the pet store and play I-Spy Fwoggies there.  :)

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