Monday, January 7, 2013

Five Year Flashback - *Day - 5*

Marie, ala 2008, pre-baby, pre-husband, post fresh haircut, out with friends for my birthday dinner at a swanky wine and cheese bar.  These pics are riddled with hints to what my future would hold and I didn't even know it!  Even down to the Dr. Who book I'm holding.  Back then I had no idea who Dr. Who was, I just loved physics books. Now I'm a big ole geeky fangirl for the series.  Even funnier, the friend that gave it to me wasn't a fan either, so I don't think he made the connection when he gave it to me.  Jump forward five years he dressed up as Dr. Who for Halloween.
 I gotta go dig up that book!

 This is what Ry looked like back in his boyfriend days.  All blue eyes and scruff!  I'd marry that.
It wasn't until I started searching through old pics for this post that I realized there's a Tardis on that book! I also didn't realize that I look like a nekkid girl holding a sci-fi book - oh dear! Ehem, moving on.
 Best friend Peter used to always give me a science book for my birthday.   Either that or a my little pony.
Yep, that's Schmeeter.
 Two of my best girlfriends and me (see? Clothed, toldja).  Little did I know that they're titles would change to include "Scarlet's God Mother" (the redhead) and "Mama to one of Scarlet's best girlfriends" (the blond).  This pic is before either of those babies were even a twinkle in our eye .
Jeez, this DOES NOT seem like five years ago.  In some ways everything has changed but for the most part I still feel like that very same chick.  
Same friends, same hopes... she just has a better haircut than me.  ;)
Ahhhh memories! Thanks for flashing back with me. See you on Tuesday! 


  1. Lovely post!
    I always love looking back at pictures, and the most part being shocked at how much I've changed haha.

    xx Keeley

  2. Nice post and lovely pictures! You always look so beautiful :)

  3. My husband and I been together ten years, married almost six, two kids and multiple deaths in our families later. I'm a different/changed person. I have found it to not be bad, and sometimes hard. My how time does fly! Hoping for a better and more positive year for all of us!