Thursday, April 18, 2013

Worth it

A little story:
Muuuahahah!  Ryan and I are at his mother's house once again. We've got the run of the house while she's out at her clogging class.  Ry is taking a shower in the guest bath, which has clear, etched, sliding glass shower doors .  He's listening to Adele loudly so he didn't hear me when I snuck in and stood about an inch away from the glass doors.  It should be noted that I'm wearing a dark hoodie and yoga pants, you know, sexy style.  He carried on singing loudly and dancing his little nekkid tooshie off (and clapping, who claps in the shower??) while facing the opposite direction. It took him a good 5-10 seconds before he realized I was there.  When he saw me he flipped the frack out. 
  "Oh my God!  Oh my God!  I'm dead.  I've had a heart attack and I'm dead.  You've killed me.  I'm dead.  You're on your own now. Go on without me."  

Heh.  Worth it.  :)
p.s. Spell check wants me to change snuck to snick.  Snick?  Really?  What's a snick?  I understand maybe suggesting "sneaked" but who says sneaked?  Besides you, Natalie. ;)