Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Last Day to Link Up!

If you are interested in participating in my Autumn Photo Bucket List Link Up there's only one more day to join in!  After that I'll only be adding links to completed posts.

I've loved having this window around the country (and world!) during this season.  I think my favorite posts to read have been the make up looks and the pictures of your town in all of it's Fall splendor.  It's also been fun to read posts from those of you experiencing Spring right now!

Part of this year's seasonal routine has been to scroll through all of the new Autumnal inspired posts as I'm snuggled in bed.  Makes for very sweet dreams.  It's hard for me to comment at that time of night because Ryan is a light sleeper and wakes if I attempt to type, but if you see your blog linked in the original post then that means I've been stopped by.

If I've missed anyone in that original list, please let me know!  

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Autumn Look: Smoke and Berries

Lookie me go!  I'm on a roll!
Yesterday I checked the DRINK off of my Autumn Photo Bucket List and now today
 I can check MAKE UP off as well!
Today we took family pictures at a local park.  Nothing fancy, just us and our little point and shoot.  We did the same thing last year so I' hoping to make it an annual autumnal tradition.  Woah, those two words look weird next to each other.  *blinks and shakes it off*
Anyway I figured I might as well kill two birds with one stone so I took a few pictures of my Fall Make Up before we headed out the door.  BLAM! Here's meh-face.
Aaaaaand here's everything on it:

I forgot to take a picture of my Natural Face Palette open so that you can see the actual product. The little helper guides that stay tucked inside the product are fantastic!  I went for "Super Model Sculpt" in this look because, well... why waste time dinkin' around with anything less?

Elf Tone Correcting Concealer in Apricot Beige
Garnier BB Cream Skin Renew in Light/Medium
Garnier Skin Renew Tinted Anti Dark-Circle Roller
Clinique Stay Mat Sheer Oil Free Pressed Powder in 101 Invisible Matte
Too Faced Natural Face Palette
I used the creme blush, bronzer and highlighter from the palette
Too Faced Naked Eye Eyeshadow Palette
I used In The Buff on my brow bone, Birthday Suit all over my lid, Lap Dance in the crease and Satin Sheets on my inner lid (man that's some sexually charged eye shadow!)
Loreal Telescopic Mascara in Blackest Black
Cover Girl Outlast Lipstain in 435 to line my lips
Loreal Color Riche Lipstick in Berry Exciting 203
Braided Leather Headband from Target

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Bucket List Progress! Autumnal Enabler

You never hear about new diet plans come Autumn.  The rest of the year it seems rampant - New Years resolutions, Spring juice fasts, Summer bikini boot camps, but come Fall everyone hunkers down, snuggles in and grabs a baked good.  Pinterest is the biggest enabler this time of year as well.  It's riddled with homemade comfort food and treats.  I think I gain a few ounces each night just scrolling through everyone's recent pinnings.
This is no complaint post though.  No, no, not at all.  I'm here to add to the tempting list of enabling treats!  I think indulging in all the warm gooey pound packers is part of the Autumnal experience.  My favorite store bought treat is this trifecta of sin.  

"I'll have a Grande-half-pump-cinnamon dolce-Caramel-Apple Spice and a toasted Chonga bagel with cream cheese please!" 

That's what the overly peppy Starbucks man who can probably recognize my voice by now hears this time of year.  I can say it all in one breath.  You impressed? No?  Yeaaaa I know drink orders like that come with their own snooty undertones as part of the order but Idon'tevencare.  As Scarlet would say it's "A-wish-suss!"

Lately I've been taking it to the next level and topping my bagel with Krystal's Jalapeno jelly.

Don't you dare even think of telling me how many calories I'm consuming.  I'll thunk your nose if you do.

Checking my FALL DRINK off of the bucket list!  Oooh accomplishment does feel good!  You all have been much more productive than I have though!  Check out my original post and peek in on some of the other bloggers/vloggers getting in on the Autumn spirit.  People have posted crafts, decor, outfits, and yes, ooey gooey delights.  I've been enjoying reading through everyone's blogs before bed at night.  I can't always comment because the clickity-clack of my keyboard wakes Ry, but I haven't missed a post yet!  Keep an eye out for our Activity post coming soon.

Monday, October 15, 2012

And then my heart grew three sizes...

Nearly two months ago we went to a wedding (video here). Scarlet had to sit still for quite a while waiting for the wedding party to start making their way down the aisle.  That's a lot to ask of a 18 month old but for the most part, she did pretty good. Right before the processional began she started to squirm a bit so mommy magic powers kicked in and I started improvising ways to keep her captivated.  Everyone rose and the bride stood at the back of the aisle. A hush fell over the crowd.  Scarlet arched her back in my arms and geared up for a big whine fest.  I squeezed her tight, pointed at the bride whispered in her ear "Oh my gosh Scarlet, look it's a princess!  See?  Waaaahh-ooooow, what a beautiful princess."  Scarlet had never heard the word princess until this point and I figured it was a long shot but it worked.  She picked up on the "in-awe" tone I was using and her eyes fixed on the bride.  I kept the "wow" talk up, whispering details about how beautiful the princess was over and over.  Scarlet stared wide eyed and hushed.  Every now and again she'd whisper "Pwinshess!"  I was tickled at myself for thinking on my feet and even more tickled at how sucked into it S truly was.
It was a very sweet moment with my little girl.  I told Ryan about it later and then tucked it away in my memory banks. We don't have any princess things at home and haven't seen any other brides so we haven't talked about it since the wedding.  Now, many moons have passed with nary a 'pwinshess' to be seen.
Weeeelll, yesterday we went to visit Ryan's mom.  Right before we left Scarlet was looking at framed pictures of the family and pointing out the faces she recognized.  "Baby! Auntie, Daddy!"  she'd squeal.  Then she saw a picture of me on my wedding day.  I pointed at my face and asked "Who's that?"  like I always do.  She just stared without answering.  So I tapped the picture again and repeated the question.  It took her a few moments of thoughtful inflection before she burst "Pwinshess!"  I was floored!  Not only had I nearly forgot about that moment months ago but I was stunned that Scarlet associated the two and remembered the word!  The other bride wore a tea length, strapless ball gown, I wore a mermaid form fitting dress with lace cap sleeves.  She had a traditional veil cascading behind her, I had a little touch of bird cage netting. I know all brides can look alike but when you don't fully understand the concept of what a bride is, I thought that connection was flappin' amazing!    There's nothing like watching that little brain work.  She surprises me all the dig dang time.  Clever little bean.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Capturing Ryan's Fractured Story

(Warning - This post contains curse words)
Lemmie set the scene.  The other day while Ryan and I were running errands, for some reason Ryan referenced Disney's The Little Mermaid. 

Me:  You don't even know that story. 

Ry:  Sure I do.  Whaddaya give me if I can tell you the entire story from start to finish right now?

Me: A cookie. (I knew something blog worthy was about to happen so I wrote everything he said down on the back of an envelope we had in the car).

Ry: Sold!  There's this foxy mermaid who wants to be a lady of the land, not just another fish in the sea.  Her dad,  Neptune or Benjamin or something, he's all "noooooooooooo!"  And the chick she's all  "I'm over these conch shells and turtles everywhere."  So she goes to see this Octopus, umm what's her name.... whatever, let's go with Octobitch.  See, the mermaid was slated to be the next queen of the sea but alas, since she was such a land lubber she sold her soul to the Octobitch who was taken down by Benjamin.  Eventually Prince Balthesar saves the day somehow. Que 'A Whole New World'.  
THE END - gimmie my cookie.

Fret not! With my mom, me and the Beeble in his world, Ryan has very quickly become outnumbered in this house.  Scarlet being the tiniest among us is also the most powerful when it comes to encouraging her daddy to broaden his girly horizons.  There's no way a man living with three women will be able to keep his ignorance to all things sugar and spice.  It's inevitable that he will soon be reciting the movie line for line sans the cuss words.  I say we check in one year from now and I bet we'll see him practicing his best Ariel "Ahhh-aaahhh-aahhhhh" vocal range.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fall-la-la-la! Easy Autumn Bucket List Link Up!

Autumn is here!!!  Eep!  Eeep!  Scarlet and I have been secretly celebrating for weeks now.  Even though the sky is blue and the sun is shining bright I couldn't resist dressing up in our cozy duds, indulging in a warm drink and snuggling with a million pillows and a movie.  
When I was pregnant and dreaming about the someday adventures with my soon-to-be daughter, the idea of having a toddler join us in our harvest season traditions delighted me to no end.  Just think of the leaf crunching, hay riding, wool coat wearing, pumpkin carving, puddle jumping wonderment! And  again, I must eeep!  That someday is here and I'm utterly giddy with excitement.  Maaaaybe the giddy is fueled slightly from the highly caffeinated and highly caloried pumpkin spice lattes I've been downing.  Whateva it's from, I don't mind!  Eeep! 

The caffeine buzz got me thinkin', wouldn't it be fun to have a bucket list we can do together in Internetland?  I've noticed others out there but I wanted something simple.  I've created an easy link up list for anyone who'd like to get involved.  Read below the pic for the details.  If you have a blog and want in on the fun, let me know and I'll link it in this post so we can follow you as well. :)  If you aren't a blogger but would like to participate, you can join us on the GABI (Grin And Bear It) Facebook page to post your pics there.   This challenge can be done little by little or all at once, it's up to you!  If you live in part of the world that is currently celebrating Spring, you can still participate!  I think seeing the same items on the same timeline from a world perceptive would only add to the fun!
See the picture above?  
The words in white are the list of challenge items.  I want to see pictures of everyone's favorite Fall drink, meal, outfit, activity, make up  (think Autumn inspired looks or products) and decor.


Bloggers here's how to get involved:
  1.  Whenever you do one of the six things on the list, blog about it with a photo and a little explanation as to why it's your favorite.  Share the recipe or info about the item.
  2. Use the picture above and link it back it to this original post.
  3. Let me know in the comments that you're participating and send me your post URL each time you complete an item.  I'll link it in this post and we'll all be linked together!  
  4. You can do it all in one blog post or whenever you cross each thing off your list.  Your blog will be linked with each item you complete!
  5.  Pin the picture above so others can join in on the link up as well.  
Not a blogger?  That's ok!
You can post your pics in the GABI FB page, your youtube channel or twitter account!
Simple as that!   

All pictures need to be completed by November 30th.

I'd also love to see any other traditions celebrate in the Fall as well.  But that's extra credit. 
Here's our Fall family bucket list
(this is not part of the link up challenge. It's just our annual list) 
  • Cracking open our fall wardrobe - boots boots boots!
  • Photos in the changing leaves (see my first ever blog post  for those)
  • Crafting Halloween costumes
  • Trip to a pumpkin patch
  • Hike through a corn maze
  • Go to a haunted forest
  • Breakfast at our favorite country breakfast pancake house with all our friends
  • Carving pumpkins
  • Giant Halloween party at our friend Pete's house
  • Induldging in Caramel Apple Cider, Pumpkin Spice Lattes, pumpkin pie and strawberry rhubarb pie 
  • Baking Fall treats
  • Make a hearty freezable soup
That's it for us!  
I'll post pictures of each thing as we check the items off the list.

All Bucklister blogs will be listed here! 

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