Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Last Day to Link Up!

If you are interested in participating in my Autumn Photo Bucket List Link Up there's only one more day to join in!  After that I'll only be adding links to completed posts.

I've loved having this window around the country (and world!) during this season.  I think my favorite posts to read have been the make up looks and the pictures of your town in all of it's Fall splendor.  It's also been fun to read posts from those of you experiencing Spring right now!

Part of this year's seasonal routine has been to scroll through all of the new Autumnal inspired posts as I'm snuggled in bed.  Makes for very sweet dreams.  It's hard for me to comment at that time of night because Ryan is a light sleeper and wakes if I attempt to type, but if you see your blog linked in the original post then that means I've been stopped by.

If I've missed anyone in that original list, please let me know!  


  1. I'm having so much fun with this! Doing my Decor bloggy post now ;) Happy Halloween Marie!!!

  2. I'm linking up to this but I wasn't on the list :(

    I've done my activity post already

    Wendy x

  3. Hi lovely! I'm on the list below with the link to my first blog, but I'm not on the blog roll list. Make sense? <3

    I just added my second, and am taking part in a blog every day challenge, similar to VEDA. Gonna be tough, but I've got some fun stuff planned for Wren's birthday so I figured I'd jump back into my beloved blog land.

    1. Gotcha, I'll fix that at nap time! I'm doing a blog,vlog or picture every day of 2013! becuz I'm crazay