Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Bucket List Progress! Autumnal Enabler

You never hear about new diet plans come Autumn.  The rest of the year it seems rampant - New Years resolutions, Spring juice fasts, Summer bikini boot camps, but come Fall everyone hunkers down, snuggles in and grabs a baked good.  Pinterest is the biggest enabler this time of year as well.  It's riddled with homemade comfort food and treats.  I think I gain a few ounces each night just scrolling through everyone's recent pinnings.
This is no complaint post though.  No, no, not at all.  I'm here to add to the tempting list of enabling treats!  I think indulging in all the warm gooey pound packers is part of the Autumnal experience.  My favorite store bought treat is this trifecta of sin.  

"I'll have a Grande-half-pump-cinnamon dolce-Caramel-Apple Spice and a toasted Chonga bagel with cream cheese please!" 

That's what the overly peppy Starbucks man who can probably recognize my voice by now hears this time of year.  I can say it all in one breath.  You impressed? No?  Yeaaaa I know drink orders like that come with their own snooty undertones as part of the order but Idon'tevencare.  As Scarlet would say it's "A-wish-suss!"

Lately I've been taking it to the next level and topping my bagel with Krystal's Jalapeno jelly.

Don't you dare even think of telling me how many calories I'm consuming.  I'll thunk your nose if you do.

Checking my FALL DRINK off of the bucket list!  Oooh accomplishment does feel good!  You all have been much more productive than I have though!  Check out my original post and peek in on some of the other bloggers/vloggers getting in on the Autumn spirit.  People have posted crafts, decor, outfits, and yes, ooey gooey delights.  I've been enjoying reading through everyone's blogs before bed at night.  I can't always comment because the clickity-clack of my keyboard wakes Ry, but I haven't missed a post yet!  Keep an eye out for our Activity post coming soon.


  1. Im really enjoying the Fall Bucket List! I think we should all gear up & do a Christmas one once we've completed our Fall list ;) What do you think ladies?

  2. I agree with the person above me! That would be a ton of fun!

  3. Yum!! I have never tried that drink...might need to now! Love your face!