Friday, January 25, 2013

Birthday treasures are starting to arrive! *19*

I ordered nearly everything for Scarlet's birthday online.  Anticipating their arrival, knowing that I'm going to get packages stuffed with wonderful bit by bit at my door step makes me giddy.
Once it's all gathered together I'll do a vlog on my grand plans.  Today's package was the one I've been the most excited about.  If you watched the recent "Beebs The Builder" video then you'll remember I said "Now all she needs is a friend" to fill her empty chair.
 Today, this little lady was on our doorstep and was a perfect fit.  

Now she's hidden away until party day.
Tracking her down at a reasonable price and ordering in time was a little tricky!   Even though Miss Shortcake has jumped up in popularity again, they don't currently make a soft plush version.  I checked Amazon and found a lot of discontinued plush dolls but most of them were between $50-$100 smackers.  That wasn't happening, but a quick pop over to Ebay and I found this sweet girl for only $24 with free shipping.  She's lovely, new with tags and very well made.  
Scarlet is going to love her berry berry much!

Her b-day outfit from Gymbo arrived last week as well.  The softest, smocked,  floral corduroy number I ever did see, complete with matching t-strap shooooes!  I must squee!
Last year I felt a pang of loss of my infant along with the joys of planning her first birthday.  I had a constant lump in my throat and butterflies in my heart as we inched toward that bittersweet day.  This time I'm nothing but delighted!  Thinking about how happy she'll be to have her friends around, a cake with a candle to blow out, happy birthday songs to sing in her own little shortcake world.  I could burst!



  1. Oh wow! Her Shortcake is a lot bigger than I envisioned. How fun! It's like a life-size Barbie only waaay cuter!

  2. So exciting!! I can't wait to see what all is in store for her party and her reaction! I love that she has something that she's really into already (and what an adorable theme to work with!!!). I just went with generic rainbows for Alice since she doesn't seem to have any specific obsessions, but she ended up LOVING it. You won't regret the extra effort you put into her parties.. I always think I'm going overboard, but Oscar LOVES to look back at pictures from his past birthdays. And I have such a horrible memory that it really helps me to remember the what they were like at each age - I just think about what the theme was and then it sort of all comes back to my brain.

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