Monday, February 18, 2013

Strawberry Shortcake Party - Details in a Nutshell

Once again most of Scarlet's birthday was a big paper craft project for me.  
Here's what's pictured below:  
Hand stitched birthday crown
Strawberry inspired outfit from Gymboree
Vintage Strawberry Shortcake doll (her big bday gift, found on Ebay)
Coloring books from the dollar store, Strawberry crayon rolls (from paperfromheaven) and pencil favors
Hand drawn welcome poster
Inside of crayon rolls
Strawberry Balloons
Wooden strawberry beads made into jewelry for a party activity
Table setting with handmade hats (I made a how-to video here)
Shortcake kabobs
Strawberry muddy buddies (I didn't love these, but the kids and my husband did!)
Lemon and strawberry layer cake
Love Potion Punch
Cheese with red and green  tooth pic flags
Long shot of the dining set
Strawberry milk served in mason jars, topped with cupcake liners and paper straws
Strawberry banner made from dotted red paper and ribbon
Scarlet had a 'berry' wonderful birthday!


  1. What a lovely party Marie, I love all the little details. Scarlet is one lucky Beeble.

  2. It looks soooo beautiful!!! Every detail....

  3. Love this idea, currently trying to come up with ideas for my daughters 2nd birthday party, around Minnie mouse. Love reading your blog posts xxx

  4. Hi, I love your table setting. Did everyone actually sit and eat or was it just set up for display while there was another table for eating?

  5. So cute! This arrangement is mind-blowing. I also have to decorate the venue NYC that has been finalized for my daughter’s birthday celebration. This is why, I was wandering online looking for good decorative and arranging ideas like this only. This one is commendable.