Friday, February 1, 2013

She's Aptly Named

I started my blog because I wanted a place where I could keep all of the lovely things that were disappearing into my Facebook archives.  This is a place where I can revisit any of those memories at any point.  Lou just wrote something on FB about us that I want to keep, so I'm stashing it here.
"The modern world is INSANE. I have a friend, who is the same age, has a daughter the same age, has the same humour, the same tastes and the same sort of husband but lives on the opposite side of the planet. We've never met to hug but we've spent years talking for hours each week, we've laughed, cried, pondered and debated and yet we each just live in each other's computer. If you had told someone this 20 years ago they'd have never have got it. 
I know there is a lot of bad and negative that comes with the internet, but think how much happy people have gained through it as well.
True human happiness made through a machine. That's modern magic if you ask me. x"
We just got done chatting now, and it's 1:35 in the morning here for me. So excuse me whilst I babble on about my friend for a bit.  I do need to go to bed, I have to be up in five hours.  Let's go stream of thought style and not worry about editing this one okay?

Louise and I often talk about how crazy it is that we found each other. Most of you probably found me through her YouTube channel (here) or her blog (here).  I'm kinda like the kid that some proud parent forces you to admire pictures of. She pimps me out any chance she can and I often think that those who follow her direction are left scratching their heads when they land on my vlogs. She's been my biggest supporter in the little corner of this online world that I've carved out for myself.
We've known one another over a year now and in that short time we've shared SO much life.  I watched her channel grow from 12,000 subscribers to well over 100,000. We've watched our daughters learn to walk and talk and now talk to each other!  Louise has taught Scarlet songs and Darcy has taught Scarlet how to say "Oh dear!" with a British accent no less. They both recognize one another and Scarlet often asks if we can call "Ooweeze and Deh-see".
 We're both wives, mothers, vloggers, and giggling idiots so we 'get on' wonderfully (and our husbands get along too).  We've filled hours with nonsense and laughed so hard we've fallen out of screen on more than one occasion. We often leave Skype on and just casually chat as we go about our chores or browse the web (as we're doing now, she doesn't know I'm writing this though. It will surely make her schmershy and squinch her nose up when she sees it.  Then she'll scold me for posting that pic of us in our jammies, sans makeup on the internet).  It's like always having a best friend around the house.  
Yes, it is very strange that a person I've never met is someone I see more often than those than live down the street.  Technology, like the internet and skype have certainly redefined the term "a strange new world".  Even though there are oceans and time zones between us, she is one of my closest friends.  The only pictures I have of us together look like the one above.   I have high hopes that someday that will change!  (To those that know us both, can you even imagine what that would be like?!!)  That girl truly is a sprinkle of glitter in my everyday, as I know she is to many of you as well. Cheesy as all hell, but it is what it is.  She is aptly named.
 She's my people, and I love her.


  1. How wonderful! I feel a tear coming on! Such Such lovely things you say! I truly hope on day you will both meet in person!

    Many blessings

    Vee xx

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  2. I found your channel through Louise and through you I have found so many other wonderful mamas. I'm now making videos myself and love it. So, please tell Louise I said thank you for opening up the fantastic little world of You Tube for me :)

  3. I found your channel through Louise and I'm so glad I did :) This is such a lovely post, and I completely agree! While there are lots of negatives that come along with technology, the amazing way it can bring people together and create amazing friendships totally outweighs the bad things!

    Lynsey xxx

  4. I cannot WAIT for the day that you two lovely ladies get to meet! It'll surely be filled with wonderful glitter (:

    K xo

  5. I found her through you and I'm so glad I have both of you living in the little box on my desk!

  6. Aww so cute :D I found you through Lou aswell. I'm not sure how many subscribers she had when I first watched her, but I know she was only pulling 400/500 views a video back then :O I think the first video I saw from you was when Scarlet was the Beeble to Glitter video from 2011! I can't wait to see the day you two finally get to meet in real life!

  7. this is so sweet! aw, I love this post:') & I love you both!

  8. You guys have the nicest friendship :) It's amazing how close you can be to someone you've never met. I really hope you get to meet in real life soon!
    Sophie :)

  9. That's awesome!! Yes, it's nice to hear that technology does have great outcomes sometimes :)

  10. I think finding a friend who you can be yourself with is like finding the unicorn. It's so rare and unique that you have to be in awe of it all. My unicorn is in another state so I feel ya with the distance thing. I'm trying to find my people here with little luck, but I'm hoping to find someone else who gets me. Someone who quietly picks the oatmeal out of your hair and takes you shopping to get you out of your mom uniform. It's like being soul mates really.

  11. This is such a lovely post, and when reads this i know she will most probably cry with happiness, i know i would if some one spoke about me in this manner!
    Lovely post,

    Pipp xx

  12. Awww how cute is this. I found you through louise to and so glad I did. I love watching you both and the two lil girlies as I have a 15 month old princess to. Hope you get to meet oneday soon. All the best x x

  13. I found you through Louise and I love having you two lovelies 'Live' in my computer :) My girls say.. oh Mommy's reading notes from her friends again :) I love modern techno and how it mushes us altogether. And I can't wait for the vlog where you 2 meet - it's going to be amazeballs :) Kerry xx

  14. This was such a lovely post! I can't wait for you two to meet :) Am I the only one who imagines you two running towards each other through an airport with arms outstretched and then giving each other the biggest hug ever? I hope this really happens! :D xx

  15. I wish one day to have a friendship like you two do! This is such a lovely post! :) I really hope that one day you will get to meet because it would just make me so happy even though I know neither of you! I really hope one day that it happens - I am waiting with baited breath for the vlogs that will inevitably follow your meeting! :)