Friday, February 22, 2013

Nearly a three-fer! Mini Blog, Quick Pic & a Borrowed Vlog!

What I really wanna post in this space today is a vlog but I know that people would rather see a pic or a post of some sort so let's make a deal.  I'll give you a pic of Scarlet as I found her last night, being waaaay to cool for her polka-dot jimjams IF you promise you'll then watch the video below.  
Wanna shake on it?  Okay.
Man, such a cool dude.  

Here's the video, it's from MrsFineFettle's channel and it's a great vlog of our weekend away at the farm from the kiddos perspective.  Krystal took them for a walk that turned into quite the tot adventure!  Watch and see!


  1. Totally adorable as usual! I love Scarlet's gray polkadot jacket, where is it from?
    Laura G.

  2. Ha ha...I have the same hair situation with my daughter! If she's not head to toe in pink she'll get a lot of 'what a handsome boy' and 'isn't he lovely' !