Monday, February 25, 2013

Potty Talk - The Dream

This past week and upcoming month of my life is dedicated to the bathroom remodel.  I promise not to overwhelm you with updates even though it is entirely overwhelming my world.  For the next 6-8 weeks or so know that where ever you are, if you think of me in my little corner of the world, I'm probably talking about, shopping for, or occupying a bathroom right at that very moment. :)  

 This is post number one our small bathroom revamp. 
 Here are all my grand dreams and their grand price tags.  Let's check in once the reno is complete (which seems like it will never happen right now) and see what of the dreams were realized and what was sacrificed for our budget.

Deep soaking tub (the one we have right now might as well be a foot bath)
New window
White subway tile bath surround (I'm aware of the upkeep but we're going to brave forth with the white)
Pedestal sink (most people want storage space, I want floor space!  We need spots to stick step stools and potty chairs)
Brushed Nickel hardware and fixtures (nice faucets and shower fixtures are crazy expensive)
Inset built in shelving with contrasting tile/backsplash detail
Bead board wall detail with small shelving on the chair rail
A non-tile flooring that I don't hate (so far I really dislike everything)
A bright pop of color on the walls
New shelving over toilet
New vanity lighting
New vented fan
Ring hand towel holder
New rugs and shower curtain
New baseboards 

Sooooooo basically the only thing that stays is the toilet and I'd still like to get a new toilet seat for it as well.  I mean really, if the rest of the room is getting all dolled up for the party the least we could do is put a new top hat on the john, right?

If I could just saunter into Restoration Hardware type schmancy stores and take my pick of the best items we're looking at least an $8,000 dollar renovation.  We're going to try and do everything in under $1,500, so I already see my dreams fizzling a wee bit.  Let the adventure begin!

Here's my inspiration board.  Get a feel for what I'm feelin'.
Yep, that's what 8+ grand looks like.
Once I start making purchases I'll be back and let you know how well I'm doing with the budget and if I found any inexpensive doups for some of my dream plans.
Have any of you made it through a small space remodel?  Any words of wisdom for me?  Tell me about your dream designs and big plans for your homes.  I'd love to hear them!


  1. We are in the middle of fixing up both of our bathrooms too. It is unbelievable how expensive it can be!! if you find any steals please share!!

  2. i sooo want to redo our bathrooms too! Can not wait to see your finished product!

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  4. My husband and I are in the "renovation dreamland" right now. We would love to fix up our little home! We too have a small full bath and an even tinier half bath. I'm definitely looking forward to see how you do and maybe steal some ideas from you!

  5. I have a board on pintrest for our small bathroom remodel. I am planning to check craigslist, the goodwill and our habitat for humanity resale shop. Ugh I don't envy where you are right now. It would be horrible being in the middle of a remodel with all you have going on. Keep us posted and if you find good deals PLEASE let us know!
    We are also planning a pedestal sink, white subway tile, wainscoting and yellow on the top of the walls.

    1. Crazy enough even the restore was MORE expensive than Lowes! Craigslist has been ok (found some tile that would have been great but it was matte) and the people reselling pedestal sinks seem to want nearly full price for them! I thought since we had time on our side I could stay away from big box stores and shop refurbished stuff but Lowes keeps coming up with the best deals, strangely enough!

    2. That is good to know! Here is the link to my pintrest bathroom page if you are interetsed. It looks pretty similar to yours though lol.

  6. How IRONIC!!! We just remodeled our bathroom--we didn't have a bath only a shower stall, sink and toilet, talk about the pits! Our bathroom now isn't extravagant but it's way better with the bathtub. It really wasn't that pricey. Our tub we got at Home Depot (Bootz is the name brand), it's not super deep to swim in but comfortable. It's got reinforced steel in it so you don't need the cement morter base before installation (that saves some $$). We also put up our own tile, which is pretty easy to do (they do offer classes at Home Depot and Lowes for free). It was quite the undertaking but so worth it :)

    1. Good to know about the tub, thank you! And yes, Ryan is taking one of the tiling classes too

  7. Yup, doing a bathroom remodel ourselves. It started innocently enough... I wanted to organize the cabinets under our sinks... from there we realized our toilet was leaking, and the water had gotten under the tile (which we didn't like anyways) so we decided we should rip that up, and while we are at it, why don't we rip out our counters and build new cabinets... you see where I am going with this. Oh joy. So for now, we are cramped into our guest bathroom. Can't wait till it's over.

  8. One thing that I saw on pinterest somewhere (I didnt repin gosh darn it!) was that at the bottom of the bath there was a pull out draw (but it wasnt a draw) it was a pull out step to kneel on when you are bathing the kiddies you dont have to break your back! I waaaaant for my future bathroom!

  9. Trust me, a $1500 budget is a good amount for a bathroom remodel. We completely remodeled our bathroom for $5k, and we had someone else do it. When I say we completely remodeled I mean we gutted it. The only thing we left original was the ceiling, toilet, and the plumbing. My bathroom was circa 1960's. The tub and sink were a matching baby blue, and we had tile from the middle of the wall all the way down.