Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Old Navy Tot Haul

Gramma Nini (Ry's mom) had some Old Navy vouchers to we took Scarlet on a spring shopping spree.  According to the receipt we spent a $62 and saved $67!  Good sales!  For the first time, we bought all big girl clothes.  Not a onesie in the bunch. I would wear nearly all of these outfits!  We tried them on her when we got home (which she loved and did a Beeble runway dance in each outift).  She looked like she needed over sized glasses and an infinity scarf prancing around in her socialite garb.  The baby in her is swiftly slipping away.  I'm really proud of myself for taking it all in stride.  Internally I do feel the urge to chuck myself on the ground and bawl over the loss of MY BAAAAAABEEEEEEEY!!!!
But so far, I'm playing it cool.  Snaps for me.
Not everything is pictured here because some items weren't available online.  If you watch the vlogs they will all make appearances in the Beeble OOTD videos at some point.  I've noticed the colors are a bit off online as well.  For instance the oh-so-soft capri sweats in the bottom left are a rich navy blue, not so electric like pictured and the blue flutter top next to the sweats is a muted cornflower blue.  Anyway, you get the idea.  The little coral top has sail boats and hearts, the blue long sleeve top has deer and the other two prints are birds.


  1. omg so cute! i would wear it all too hehe!

  2. Oh my goodness this is so funny! I actually work at Old Navy and I was folding and cleaning up in the little girls section and I saw the green shirt with the birdies and I instantly thought of you and the beeble and you end up buying it lol!

  3. Why can't they make these in big girl sizes?? I could so wear these too! In our sizes I think the pickins are slim. Some of these styles nowadays....

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