Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Don't Blink!

This is the girl before bed last night.  She tromped
around the house in her Minnie hat and mittens
Ya know how kids have growth spurts where they just seem to shoot up over night?  The same thing happens with mental spurts as well.  Ew, mental spurts.  What I mean is, one night my 'was-just-an-infant' will go to bed and the next morning I'll wake up to my 'nearly-school-age-big-girl'.  It's like instead of sleeping they spent all night working vocab words, sentence structures and conversational tactics.  This morning when Scarlet woke up she had an entirely new, more mature air to the way she responded in conversation.  She used new phrases, created more complex sentences and executed them as if she'd known how all along.  Someone must have passed along the memo and let her know that now she's two thus giving her permission to slip into her new big girl roll, leaving her old baby ways behind her. Who ever that was better hide because momma gonna punch them in the gullet.  It's getting to the point where I feel like my days of calling her "the baby" are quite numbered.   Her sweet baby babble is giving way to proper use of language.  For example, while dressing her this morning she said "Uh-oh Mama, wait."  when I asked what was wrong she said "My diaper off."  Sure enough, I double checked and her diaper was unfastened and sinking to her knees. Okaaaay, I know that's nothing worth alerting the media over (she says as she alerts social media) but I'm her mom and I want to remember these kinda things, so you as my reader have get to deal with it*. ;)
The big deal for me was in the small things within that interaction. She's never said the word diaper before much less acknowledged that she wears them.  So I was really impressed when she calmly stopped me from dressing her while clearly communicating the problem.  I fixed her up and she said "Der, I fixths it!  Dat's better!"  Had this same thing happened before she would have just said "uh oh" and "oh no" repeatedly till I figured it out for myself.  Other little things that Ryan and I have accepted as typical Beeble behavior seem to have shifted as well.  Her go-to answer of an excited "OKAAY!" whenever she's asked if she'd like to do something has been replaced with a more subdued (but still sweet)"yeeaa, awwight."  

I decided that this was worth blogging for a two reasons.  
1)  Kids seem to grow up when we're not looking and I'm on a hunt to capture these growth moments.  Maybe then it wont take me by surprise when one day I open my eyes and see my daughter as a grown woman looking back at me.  They say if you blink you miss it so I think blogging is my attempt to not blink. Huh, all of a sudden children growing into adults seems eerily similar to stone angels on the attack. ;)
2)  If you are a soon to be or someday parent this is one of those things that nobody tells you about.  I'm not exaggerating when I say they all of a sudden seem to wake up knowing how to do things that seem leaps and bounds ahead of what they were doing the day before.  It's part of the adventure of parenting and it's fracking amazing to watch.  Yeaaa, I fracked atcha, sorry but it needed the emphasis that frack provided (Now I've said it three times over, obnoxious right?).  Even if it doesn't sound amazing now, when it's your own kid doing it, you too just may want to miss sleep in order to write about it to strangers on the internet.  It's a big deal.

*So to you, who kindly read though a proud mom documenting a not so momentousness milestone, I'm super appreciative of you, really really.


  1. It IS SOOOooo amazing.. Alice has been having some mental spurts, too.. After Oscar who was already having in depth conversations with grown-ups at 18 months, it's been interesting to see how her development has been different.

  2. It really is amazing! I'm a first time mom too & I don't remember hearing anyone else talk about their daily (or at least weekly) amazement in their child's development. Maybe I just wasn't paying attention to them. In a way, I can see the changes happening before my eyes (what the heck?!...she just said, " Bye, Dada. See you later." clear as a bell, unprompted), but I also can't figure out how she changed from a newborn to a 19 month old without me noticing. I have kept a daily journal for her from birth...yes, in an attempt not to blink, but I think I have anyway! I've realized that certain things she says, does, likes, etc can change in a few weeks or a few months, so I'm trying desperately to recognize, capture & remember them as they come...before they go.

  3. I actually teared up reading this.... My now (well as of tomorrow) 8 month old constantly amazes me with the things she learns to do every day. It makes me sad and happy all at the same time. I would also like to punch the person in the gullet that thought this was a good idea.