Friday, November 23, 2012

Beeble Chatter Time Capsule - 21 months

Scarlet loves to spend time trashing playing in her room by herself.  This evening she was yapping away so much that I snuck in and watched her play.  She wasn't phased by me there at all, continuing in independent play.  I felt Like Jane Goodall, watching a Beeble in her natural habitat.  I snapped a few pics and decided to  capture the chatter of my little 21 month old in a blog time capsule. So here is a live stream of everything (comprehensible) that came out of her mouth in the period of 15 min.

"Come on!  Come on Ernie!  Der it is!  You yike dis Ernie.  *smothers Ernie with blanket*  Nigh-niiiiiight, oh wate up!  You yike puzzoh.  hmmmmm wet's seee.  his frwiends. anna Emmo, common elmo! *drops elmo*  Oh No!!  You okay Emmo?  *picks all toys up and purposely drops them*  Oh no!  You okay Ernie?  You okay Emmo?  One, Two Emmos! *drops both* Uh oh!  Ooooh nooooo!  You ok Ernie eh Emmo?    Is frwiends! Is shoooes?  Buckles?  Heewp?  My buckles?  Heewp witsh shooes?  Emmo in shoes?  You oo Ernie!  Common *shoves Ernie into one of her shoes*   Burt inna Ernie oh-weo-weo-weo an a Dohyee! (dolly)

*hits musical toy and sings* LA-LALAAAAA-LLLAAAAAAA!  LA-LAAAaaa Laaaaaa! *shriek* Weeeoooo weeeooo weeoewowow! I got a duck.  QUAAAAACK.

 Oh-e-oh-e-oh-e-oh pway toys!  *studies pictures on her wooden block*  One, Two, Free boons!  I need a bwock.  Buiwd a towerh. *organizes the pieces so that the same shapes are all together*  Onnne, Twoooooo, Freeeee,  It's soo high!  Soo high!  Pweetty, a towerh, so high.  A towehr. I got it.  *Sings* Heeeeaaaad, shhhoouuuldyuhs, knees an tooooees. Eyes an eaaaoooooo and mouf and nooose.  High towehr.  Geegogeegogeegogeego. <-- that and the "oh-weo-weo" business is her filler talk in conversation.  It must be what she thinks English sounds like.
A puppy!  Hi puppy!  Doggy. It's a doggy.  Come on doggy!  Come on!  Hmmmmm, wet's see.  How booooouuuuuut? A book?  Der it is! *reads* A baby? A cow? A syeep?   Ni-night horsey.  Ni-night cow.

That's enough I think.  Her natural habitat is now a disaster zone and we're past bed time.
If you read it all, Thank you!  If you understood it all,  high five.  I love watching her little language develop.  At this age, it's like a little window into her thoughts.  All new parents wonder what goes on in those little people brains of theirs so it's pretty cool when you finally get to hear little bits.


  1. Read and understood! Scarlet is such a cutie! I think the fact that I'm around a lot of toddlers helps me understand their chatter a little better. Even if it is in text form. ;)

    On a side note, I love her polka dot "S" shirt!

  2. I'm always impressed with how wonderful and clever Scarlet is but I think her independent play skills and her vocabulary for her age are incredible. She's a true credit to you both Marie xx

  3. I read and understood :) beeble is so cute :)

  4. =) When my brother was little I would record him saying his usual little sayings every once and a while. You will love having these posts and your vlogs to look back on!

  5. yep, read and understood ! even had some giggles :)

  6. Oh Marie this is so cute! She's gorgeous. You make good babies!

  7. So cute!!! I understood and read to the end! -Roxanna aka BeStillAndKnowTTC :-)

  8. Read and understood, can't wait for Macey to start talking, although she is two in March she is delayed by up to 6 months because of having chemotherapy. The day I understand her babble will be a god send, no more dirty looks as she wants something that I can not understand. Love reading your blog xx