Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Costume Prep + Details

My costume crafting this year was so minimal I had everything done in about 30 min! 
My favorite part was the bedskirt re-purposed as my apron front.  It was a great base piece that could be used for so many different costumes!  It can be changed to any length, added layers or a bustle.  I could even see a bedskirt being a great base for a mermaid or peacock costume!  They come in just about every color or pattern you could imagine and the thrift stores are filled with them!  So many possibilities.  
What would you do with it?  
Price of the bedskirt $3.99

This shirt was a great find.  I was on the hunt for a top that could be cut into a corset/vest shape, so when I found this embroidered blouse, I snatched it up.  I knew it wasn't my true size but it wasn't till I got home that I realized it was actually a PETITE XXS.   The tiny size made my lace up ribbon corset work perfectly so it all worked out well.  Turning it into part of my Drindl was as simple as tucking in the frilly collar (that reminded me more of an evil Disney queen than it did a milkmaid) cutting off the buttons and adding little snips to lace the ribbon through.
 White top: $3.29

 Lastly I put the cute skirt I got from Good Will on top of the bed skirt, pinned it up on either side (which meansI just have to pop the pins out and I can wear it again later), tossed a bonnet on my head and the look was complete!
Skirt: $2.98 on half price day!
Please enjoy my saucy milkmaidy pose

Total Cost: Just Under $10!  Total time?  30 min!  
Not baad, not baaad