Friday, November 16, 2012

Sometimes, in the middle of an ordinary day...

Scarlet and I were in her room playing with a puzzle when all of a sudden we heard 
"Teeeeaaaaa Tiiiiimmmmmeee!"
loudly from the living room. We came out and low and behold!  The dining room table had been transformed into a tea palace and Scarlet had an exclusive ticket. 
 It was quite posh, as you could imagine.
Scarlet made sure all of her guests (Abbey, Elmo, Pommajama Monkey and a wooden aligator puzzle piece, ya know, the usual crowd) each had a taste of the tea.  She'd sllllluuuuurp it up and then declare it "Deeeeelish!" after every sip.  Eventually some menacing ducks came along and tried to ruin the whole event!  
Don't worry though, Daddy and Beeble scolded them, 
shooed them away and replaced the table settings.
  There was a bit too much cute to handle, soooo don't worry - I vlogged it!  
Watch your sub boxes. :)


  1. Tea time is some of my favorite childhood memories <3

  2. This is so sweet! Such a good Papa!

  3. Reminds me of my husband & my little Bean :) One of my favorite memories as a kid was making all kinds of forts. Beeble is lucky to have such fun & loving parents like you & Ryan :)

  4. aw this is so sweet!

  5. hehe... aren't little girls the greatest! She's adorable Marie!