Friday, December 7, 2012

Christmas/Bday Beeble Bounty (goodies & ideas)

    Secret unlisted late night chitchat explaining my reasoning for each item.
Aaaand a cute "pwwiinthess" story.

A) Strawberry Shortcake Berry Best Collection Set
B) Strawberry Shortcake Tin Purse
C)  Melissa and Doug Hide and Seek Farm
D) Melissa and Doug Sandwich Set
E) Boo Bunny (mentioned in my stocking stuffer post!)
F) Strawberry Shortcake car (purchased at a consignment event but you can find newer versions if you google)
G) Pajamas - As I said in the vlog, the ones we bought are from Target but I couldn't find a picture of them online!  They have pink, blue and red deer on them.  You'll see them in upcoming vlogs.
H) Bunny Slippers!  The ones seen here are stride rite slippers but they're too pricey for me!  Let me know if you see any good toddler animal slippers out there please!
I) Plush Bathrobe - this is going to wait till her birthday.  Hopefully by then I'll find a good one.  The one pictured here was just from a google search, not for sale.
J) Cloud B Sleep Turtle
K) Elmo's Potty Time Little Sound book (I really recommend the DVD if you're potty training!)
L) Doll Stroller - picture was found on a google search
M) Mrs Potato Head (also saving for a bday idea)
N)  Name Plate ID bracelet for baby from MinusOne on etsy (already ordered!)

Merry Christmas!


  1. Times like these I wish I had a girl! But I am quite enjoying picking boy things. He's only six months old though, so perhaps a box will be more satisfactory! xx

  2. I have boy/girl twins that are turning 2 years old 5 days after Christmas. They share most of their toys but we wanted each one to feel special too. For Christmas we got them a play kitchen and a shopping cart with fake food/dishes, My girl got a doll set with stroller, highchair, cradle etc.., Grandma is getting her a doll and a tea set. My boy is getting the Little people wheelies amusement park from Grandma and the car carrier from us. They are both getting Leapfrog laptops from Grandma as well and some stocking stuffers. Grandma also got them a mini trampoline.
    For their birthday we got them a Mr. Potato head set, puzzles and holder from Melissa and Doug and a Magna Doodle.
    I think their playroom is going to be packed!

  3. They have bunny slippers at the Superstore here in Canada, only $6. I can send you a pair if you like. Email me, I can't find a picture online but we have a pair I can email you a picture if you like :)