Friday, March 8, 2013

Flooring and Fixtures - Potty Talk #2

Yea yea, "number two" and "potty", I gets it.  Moving on.
Today we narrowed down the field with fixtures and flooring.  The easiest decision was the tub.
This one is a deep soaking tub that's so comfortable I could have napped in the display.  It doesn't have the greatest reviews online but Ryan thinks that's due to poor installation   The Lowes man assured us that it's the tub he sees returned the least.  We shall see I suppose.  It's nearly 20" deep!  That's practically double what our dinky little puddle tub holds now.
Sterling Ensemble Soaking Tub 60 x 32
Then we headed to flooring and grabbed two samples.  
A woodlook vinyl flooring that would give this effect:  
picture property of the internet home alliance
Or light cement tiles to open up the space (seen on left).
The next decision to be made was a bit harder. Do we stick with the free chrome faucet that was given to us?  The faucet is perfect with the style of room I'm envisioning but it's polished chrome and I was hoping for brushed nickle.  Not only would the brushed be easier to keep clean but it would be a bit more understated in our small space.  If we stick with the chrome then I need to find a matching bath faucet set, hand towel bar, vanity lighting and toilet handle.  That's a lot of shiny metal in yo' face.  For kicks, I wandered into the faucet area and picked out my favorite brushed nickle sink faucet (top right) and realized it's the exact design as the chrome one we were given for free.  So then I toyed with what other chrome fixtures I would choose if I stuck with the freebie.  Pictured below the faucet is an inexpensive bath faucet set that I don't mind in chrome as well as a light fixture.   What do you think?  Keep the chrome and purchase more of it or sell the chrome freebie faucet and go for the brushed look?

Here's what our flooring samples looked like at home.  While I adore the look of the wood in the washroom I think we may go with the cement tiles instead. They're a better fit for a damp terrain and the light color will open up the space rather than closing it in like a dark wood might. 
We're not totally sold there but I think I'm leaning away from the wood look.  In order to match the real hard woods we have in the rest of the house (under our soon to be ripped the hell up carpet), it has to be quite dark like this.   I'd much prefer something warm toned.
Opinions?  I'd love to hear them on both the fixtures and the flooring please!


  1. I love the tile. :)

  2. I agree with the tile. If you are working with a small space, dark flooring..or dark anything for that matter will close you in. What color grout would you choose if you go with the light tile?

    1. Apparently the cement tile is groutless

    2. Oh that's even better. Grout is such a pain!!

  3. I would go with the chrome fixtures, they are the jewelry in your bathroom after all. You are a busy mother though, so if your heart says brushed nickel that is what you should go with. I just like the traditional look of chrome.
    I would counsel you to not use vinyl flooring, you really don't want those fumes in your space. The Cement tile has a understated look. I would go with that choice. It is a shame you can't put in some classic tile looks.
    I love the deep tub, It makes me want to replace my tub.
    I am enjoying following your remodel along Marie, thanks for including us. xo

    1. I love the traditional look of penny tile but yea, I've talked myself out of tile options since Ryan would have to redo the subfloor and then I'd have more grout to clean. The tub surround is going to be the white subway tile and that will be my first ever tile to upkeep. We'll see how I do

  4. I wanted to tell you I'm really enjoying following you guys along this journey. We're a military family so even though I'm almost 30, I have no idea what it's even like to pick paint colors since all we've ever lived in is military housing. So it's nice to sit on the sidelines as someone else goes through something like this. So thank you so much for sharing this on your blog! :)

  5. I LOVE that tub! If it were me I would do the wood, and the brushed nickle. I think it just looks so traditional and it will make the decor and white tile/tub pop out, but I like dark wood floors. My Mom redid her hard wood in a lighter color and I like them, but ours are a very dark color and it is just amazing! My mom's has some scratches already and it just looks dented where as ours look worn in a comfortable way....does that make sense? Lol I'm going to check that tub out too. We are hoping to do the remodel next year.

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  7. I think the cement tiles would look best in the bathroom with the look your trying for :) it'll help the space look more open, fresh and clean :) the bathtub looks amazing by the way! Goodluck with it all, gabby xo

  8. in my humble opinion, I really like the vinyl wood floor..although I don't know anything about it and how it behaves in a wet area like bathroom..:) you can alway put a big white fluffy rug on the dark floor and it will be bright and a nice contrast..and the floor just peaking through..depends on how big the rooms is of course! do you have a window in the bathroom?:) I'm excited to see the results:)

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  10. Deep tubs are awesome!! Probably the favorite place in my house. We have a tiny bathroom, and beige-ish ceramic tile for the floor, and love the lightness. We also have brushed nickle, and i love it. It always looks so nice, even when I haven't cleaned for a week. Good luck with your decision, but i definatly would go with the cement tile(especially no grout!) and brushed nickle.

  11. You are right, cement tiles are better to use in the washroom, but wood flooring looks good in other parts of the house. There are different types of wood floors to choose from that complement your fixtures and interior.