Monday, March 4, 2013

A Pin-Test: The "When You're Hard Up For a Cookie" Mug Cookie

I've seen various Cookie Mug recipes flying around pinterest every now and then so tonight when my sweet tooth struck, I decided to give it a go.  Everywhere I looked the recipes were pretty much the same so I blended a few and went for it.  It's ridiculously easy and a great idea for those gotta-hava-cookie moments. This way, without making an entire batch you're saved from a sink full of dishes and sheets of cookies begging for consumption. 
Here's the recipe I made.  Meet me below the recipe and I'll let you know how it went. 


Now, I'm definitely not a cookie snob and you can't go too wrong with this butter, sugar, chocolate concoction but don't expect the best cookie of your life.  
  • It did cure what ailed me thus saving me from making an entire batch of cookies that would then taunt you from your kitchen through the night.   So it saved me a few calories there!
  • It was fast and easy, only dirtying a few measurement tools and the mug. 
  • Whilst I was making it, I stopped right before I added the egg yoke and instead added the flour so I could eat the dough.  Without the egg, it was a more firm ball of cookie dough.   I nommed and declared myself a winner.   Then in a minute flat I had remixed the ingredients to get back on track for the real experiment. 
  • My sugars did not completely melt and my cookie was a bit grainy.  This could be due to the fact that I was using organic brown and sugar in the raw which have a thicker milled grain.  If I wasn't in such a rush to stuff my face with cookie I could have avoided this by putting the mug into the oven instead of the microwave. 
  • It wasn't much better than taking a store bought cookie and zapping it in the micro for a few seconds to get that soft gooey goodness.  This method is the option you reach for when there are no other cookies in sight.  Otherwise just reach for the Chips Ahoy.
In the end, I think the forced portion control and the lack of dirty dishes are enough to make me a fan of this on the fly treat!  Plus the dough was mighty tasty too!


  1. Going to try it tonight. I noticed in your pics that it says pop it in the micro for 40 to 60 min. I know you mean seconds, but someone else might not. Sorry if I am annoying you pointing that out. xo

  2. hmmm interesting...I may have to try this out! My husband actually does this with brownie mix but cookie mix is more for me.

  3. I notice you said the first time you made it you just went on with the flour, but in your recipe/instructions you don't mention flour...was that just for the 1st one that you added it? I need sweets, think I'm gonna try this out! :)

  4. My cookie turned out really crumbly -- but it was delicious! So nice not having to do dishes after :)