Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Not cool Nana, not cool

My mom's conversation with Scarlet about her Sesame Street
coloring book and stickers:
"Who's that Scarlet?  Annie Spaghetti? (Abbey Cadabby)
Oh, and is that her friend Kuhlumpadumpalus?" (Snuffleupagus)
Nice Try Nana, but I don't think you're earning your street cred with the 3 and under crowd.


  1. Sorry made a spelling mistake! Hahhhhahhha I remember watching the video on You Tube of you talking about your Mum saying 'Annie Spaghetti' so funny!!! Hope you are enjoying blogging again. Cassie xx

  2. I am enjoying your Blog :) Keep it up, I have added you to my reading list :)

  3. When I was little it was my little pony my favorite :) but she has seen LazyTown?