Saturday, October 26, 2013

False Alarm 36weeks 6days

Here's how last night went down... 
9:00pm Ry and I headed to bed early. I was zonked.
9-11pm Heartburn over took me (even after zantac) and I spent most of the night trying not to throw up. No rest was had.
11pm Scarlet woke up crying for Daddy. She came down with cold and was having trouble staying asleep through her stuffy nose.
11-3am Scarlet is up and down about once an hour. Every time she wakes up I use the restroom.  In between Scarlet's cries I woke on and off with round ligament pain and my arms falling asleep.
3am-4am S came into our bed for the remainder of the night. I woke every time I have to turn or adjust my position.
4am I roll over and 30 seconds later feel a small gush.
4:05am I googled "How to tell if your water broke."  After reading a bit I called the on call nurse who suggests I come in to get checked.  While I wasn't convinced it was my water, I know that it's better to be safe than sorry.  
5am  My mother in law arrives and Ryan and I headed into L&D.  The clips you see in the video are from the triage/check in area at the birthing center.  The actual delivery room are much more luxurious to labor in.  They monitored the baby and my pulse a while due to my heart issues.  My nurse at L&D is one of the parents at the preschool I used to work for.  She updated me on how her little boy is doing and then assisted the doctor with my nether bits.   Verdict is that my cervix is soft but aside from that there aren't any other labor signs.  The amniotic sack was still intact.  The doctor said that the baby can move and release the mechanism that triggers your bladder without the mom feeling any desire to go to the bathroom.  Apparently I have joined the masses of pregnant moms who have wee'd themselves.  I'd like a badge or something please.
8am  We made it back home.  I was really moving slowly and feeling a lot of cramping from the speculum.   
10:30am till now - I'm a walking, pregnant zombie and mother of a 2 year old giggling, snot machine. That's the news!

All in all I'm very happy that today wasn't The Day.  I have plenty to get done beforehand and now I get a second chance.  Oh and if I had gone into labor then I wouldn't have gotten this shot.


  1. That is an amazing photograph Marie, so beautiful. I'm so pleased you are ok, just watched your update, you look amazing for someone who hasn't slept and is almost due her baby, you are one beautiful lady inside and out, take care of yourself, sending all my love and big hugs to you, Ryan, Scarlet and Huckle xxxxx

  2. Aww Marie what a cute photo id love one like this.i hope you got my message on youtube but we are like 3 days apart as I'm 37 and 2 days so it was crazy thinking we both could even have our babies the same day . I'm due the 14th abd same as you I have a 2yr old daughter and now due a boy just like you and also snap my belly is just as big as yours. If you wanna see my belly my name on youtube is littlemissstyleguru actually ur bestest uk friend Louise sprinkle of glitter is subbed to me who I luv and also the beautiful mamafulzo zoe above us too so I'd love it if you also subscribed as it would make my day. I love ur videos and when I found out you were due similar time to me I was so happy and watch all ur vids. I have bad heartburn too and not sleeping at all well so feel ur pain but miss Marie u look so stunning saying you didn't on the video lol I thought what is she on about she looks amazing. Anyway just rest hunny please check out my huge belly too lol I'm only 5'1 and my back is arched just like urs and killing me as he is back to back.its 4.30am here in the UK and can't sleep for him moving all the time. Big big hugs and love to you all. Thinking of you from vinny mwhaaa xxxxx

  3. Beautiful photograph Marie - look at those lovely blue eyes! Thinking of you all and can't wait to meet little Huckle :) x

  4. You looked better in your update than I do when I get all dressed up! ;P Absolutely love the photo: too cute for words. Hope everything will calm down a little until you're ready for Huckle. Don't worry about not doing the bigger updates, I'm sure everyone understands, just means we get loads of baby footage when your little man comes along :D Sending love to the whole family x

  5. What a gorgeous photo! I found your blog though the video, and I'm so glad I did, I'm glad both you and the baby are ok!

  6. What a lovely picture, Scarlet is going to be such an amazing big sister! Hope you are feeling better today and I wish you all the best for when you do go into labour. Your family is so cute!!! I really hope to have a family like yours one day :) Can't wait to see baby Huckle and I also can't wait to see Scarlet and Baby Huckle's newly decorated room!! Big hugs from England xxx

  7. Such a gorgeous photo! xx

  8. Such a sweet moment captured of Scarlet and baby bump Huckle :)

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  10. love you guys so much good luck with baby huckle
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