Friday, October 25, 2013

A Joint Baby Sprinkle in Pictures

In my circle of friends, there are a lot of Sarahs, all with H's of course.  Years ago we assigned each of them a nickname and now it strikes me as odd if I hear one of them actually referred to as Sarah.  Well a few weeks ago, one Sarah (Bee) threw me and another Sarah (Tea) a joint baby shower.
We are both expecting our second babies and didn't register so this was more of a sprinkle than a shower.  I could have just uploaded the pictures onto facebook but I didn't want them to get lost in the ever scrolling feed.  The party was so special to me!  I left feeling filled up and refreshed instead of socially exhausted as per the norm after most events.  Everything was just cozy.

Bee decorated the entire house with these bits of fabric hanging on twine.
Every few feet there was a Bible verse about motherhood and children.  

In lieu of typical shower games we each made goodies to pamper ourselves with.  Everyone chatted as they mixed together the organic body potions.  The party smelled like pumpkin, cider and warm sugar, ya know, comfort incarnate.

Here we are, Tea and I.  The girls at the party gifted us each with piggybanks stuffed to the brim full of cash!  It was so thoughtful and a great thing to do for second time moms.  We each were able to purchase one big item that we still needed for baby using the money in the owl banks.

Scarlet and Anna, Tea's daughter, thoroughly enjoyed the time they had together at the party. They're tiny besties but we don't get to see them as much as we'd like, so they stayed attached at the hip throughout the party.  The girls harvested Auntie Bee's balcony garden (two tomatoes and some parsley) and read through all her diaries.  We found the girls upstairs in Auntie Bee's bedroom with all of her journals splayed about around them.  Little mischief makers.  ;)

Baby Reid was the only boy allowed.  
He kept up the boy antics as best he could.  
 Diddle diddle dumplin' my son John style.  (Note the toesies)

The whole party was so lovely and it was so great to spend time with my favorite people. 
  Thank you Bee for putting it all together for us!


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