Monday, June 3, 2013

Beware the Mutilating Bunny Muncher!

So, this pregnancy hasn't been great on Scarlet's diet.  She's been eating a lot of pantry foods because I haven't felt well enough to prepare fresh meats, fish and produce before they've gone bad.  I keep trying but as the wilted kale, iffy looking cauliflower and random floppy English cucumber will tell you, I'm failing miserably.  Yes I should freeze things, I know.  Chalk that up to the fail too.   
When it's meal time for Scarlet, her plate ends up filled with randoms like today's lunch feast of tater tots, cheese, crackers, a handful of frozen peas and popcorn.  I tried to tell myself it was ok, they were organic tots as was the popcorn (which tastes like lightly flavored paper drizzled in olive oil).  She did eat an apple, so that's something right?  Scarlet wasn't thrilled with the rest of it.  

After naptime I felt really guilty about her recent meals and decided the fresh air might curb my nausea so we headed to the market for some fresh produce.  My poor nutrient deprived Beebs grabbed and chomped on whatever she could get her hands on.  We left with a fresh fruit and veggie haul that looked like the rabbits got to it before it ever hit the bag.  She devoured a (washed) nectarine, so we paid for the pit, took a big ole' bite out of a head of broccoli and nibbled a little nibble on each carrot in the bunch.  I took them from her and tried to explain that we had to wash them first.  Thus began a very persistent protest and chant "cahwutt, cahwutt, cahwutt!"  Within an hour of washing there's only one carrot left!
The state of our carrots as we left the market.

Bottom left is the last bite, greens and all, headed down her gullet


  1. That is so cute! She's a little rabbit!

  2. Oh sweeeeeett! How lovely that she loves her fruit and veg too - my girls are the same and crave fruit like it's going out of fashion!! I found the homeopathic remedy 'Nux Vom' helped tremendously with my nausea/vomiting during pregnancy - if you have a health store near you, maybe see if they have any :) Love Kerry x

  3. She is looking more and more like you everyday marie! So beautiful!

  4. I think the store owners here would have been sort of angry if a toddler ate the veggies before they were weighed and paid for...on the other hand, Scarlet is so cute that if it was her that was the bunny they wouldn't be able to stay angry for long.

  5. Oh, my, good, golly her sweet little face in those last pictures just melted my (already melted) heart! She is so, so, so cute! I find it wonderfully cute that she ate every fruit and vegetable she could get her hands on!

  6. OH my gosh, this is unbearably cute! Just found you via Louise, and am so glad I did! Congratulations on your new babe too, excited to see photos! :)